Recently one of a project I’m working has changed from PHP to react technology, as usual with my team I created a test plan  and created test scenarios we are going to cover for this change but ignored sharing buttons as I was aware that react framework is completely different from PHP assumed that nothing drastic might have changed in metadata which is shared to social sharing. We are using rich pins and it dynamic pins.

The page was enabled for few users for testing as we have A/B testing before we do launches to study the impact of new changes. An interesting bug got noticed by users wrong details were getting displayed on various pins. How bad can it get bug is reported by users and not by testers?

So the investigation was carried out by developer and testing team found that entire metadata was messed and found more bugs which developer fixed got them fixed. As tester I know I shouldn’t ignoring even minute change on the page so learnt my lesson hard way result of my laziness.

Here is the list of scenarios and tools I used to validate data

Test Scenarios:

  1. Verify if all type of items appear on pinterest correctly
  2. Verify if item with title is appearing correctly
    1. Verify if maximum allowed item title is displayed correctly
    2. Verify if min allowed item title is displayed correctly
    3. Verify if Unicode characters in item title is displayed correctly
      1. Song & Video ♫♪
      2. ¿Cuánto cuesta
  3. Verify if thumbnail Image appearing are correct(for digital and video products)
  4. Verify if price displayed is correct
    1. Verify if item on sale appears with sale price
    2. Verify if item with discount appears with discounted price.
    3. Verify if item with edit price appears correctly
  5. Verify if sellers info appears correct
  6. Verify if links are redirecting on appropriate pages
  7. Verify if Description is getting fetched correctly
  8. Verify if redirecting URL have taken care of


Pinterest web site

Pinterest plugin

Pin it button


Rich Pins Validator

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