One of the best motivational factors for experienced or a fresh QA Analyst is to have a simple event organized for them. It need not be an event but other activities like Hackathon, Meetups, and Conference etc.

Sometimes we judge a person by its experience but sometimes it proves you to be wrong. A person is judged by his/her talent and smartness, be it a fresher or an experienced person but if you are smart enough you can win over the world and be a winner.

Now coming back to our Hackathon i.e. Quality Risk Analysis. This Hackathon was conducted to motivate team members and discover their hidden talents. As mentioned above “If you are smart enough you can win the world” by working smartly and intelligently.

This Hackathon not only motivated team members but gave them a clear picture on how to work smartly. We mostly believe in what is written in the books and try to follow or inculcate it but as James Bach says “You make your own process and plans” which fits best to your team and your company.

One of the best example I would like to share here is about a Test Plan. Most of the companies try to follow or prefer IEEE 829 standard format but what if I say Test Plan can be just a simple plan created by Junior/Senior QA for their understanding and better planning in order to avoid major risk in an application. After all that matters for a QA is QUALITY Software. Based on James Bach blogs on test planning, we invited all the QA Analyst to create a simple test plan before proceeding to exploratory testing.
Test Plan: Main Criterion

  • Product Catalog
  • Type of Users (List the type of users and analyze from their point of view)
  • Type of Environment, Platform
  • Major Risk which can affect users
  • Mind Map

Mind Map was one of the new things we introduced to team members in Test Plan. A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information, so basically what we wanted from team members was to draw a simple Mindmap on how they can relate each module with one another.
Example: Login Functionality – How login module is related to other modules of the site.
Simple Example as mentioned below

We should Support QA Analysts by conducting such events because it not only motivates team members but also demonstrates good ideas based on individual’s interest and skills.

Tagline: Identify & Analyze the risk first to provide better software quality… Cheers!

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