Test Scenarios for login form

Before starting to write test cases it’s recommended that you always request for specifications or business documents to understand the system. If the client is unable to provide you the documents, start with exploring application or module you are writing the test case for.

Mostly login form has 3 standarded fields Username or Email, Password and Submit button, following details get validated to provide access to the application.

Here are extra test scenarios to execute on Login form

  1. Check if design of login form is correct
  2. Check if submit button response on click
  3. Check if form gets submitted on enter key
  4. Check if autocomplete is turned OFF for Username and Password fields
  5. Check whether valid login works
  6. Check if form gets submitted on submit button
  7. Check if email or username is accepted if it’s in upper case
  8. Check if email or username is accepted if it’s in Camel case
  9. Check if form server-side validations are working when Javascript is disabled
  10. Check if fields get validated for correct input type
  11. Check if xss sensitization is not present for password field
  12. Check if login link is not accessible if user is already logged in
  13. Check if form gets expired if HTML is modified on login form
  14. Check if on page load username fields gets focused
  15. Check if error messages are correct
  16. Check if captcha appears for multiple attempts
  17. Check if account gets disabled when crosses multiple attempts limit


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