Why steps to reproduce are necessary in the bug report

steps to reproduce

steps to reproduceThis week I reported a bug by following a proper bug reporting format with the title, steps, expected result, etc.

here were my steps to reproduce the bug.
1) Visit: example.com/somepage/
2) Click on some button
3) Observer that error is shown

Developer: How did you get to this URL? I’m not able to reproduce it!
Me: do so and so steps and you’ll get it
Developer: Thanks, got it.

After my conversation, I went back to my bug report and found that main crucial step, how did I landed on that link was missing. There are various other ways a developer could get to that link which made this bug not reproducible, but I thought It was quite obvious that developer will follow the same pattern like me, it doesn’t have to be that way. so I modified

here were my new steps to reproduce
1) Visit: example.com
2) Mouse hover on the main menu
3) Click on some page link
4) Click on some button
5) Observer that error is shown

I learned two things

1) No matter what position or years experience you have, you will never be perfect end up doing silly mistakes, accept, correct and try to avoid them.
2) No matter how obvious information it is regarding the bug, record it in the bug report so we don’t waste others time.

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