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Email testing was a myth, as most of the emails were just plain text. Now marketing and branding has taken center stage and many projects I’m working on spend a lot of research and energy on how they should be building email content for their users. To increase email delivery email testing has become vital part of testing on every project. As a tester I have listed down some areas and cases which might be useful to my fellow testers.

Html & Plain Text Example

Content Testing:

Content testing is a part of usability testing. Emails are static and it’s important that we check if email content is accurate.

  1. Verify if the email contains valid links. confirm if they are getting redirected to intended pages, try to travel entire user flow after clicking on the link.
  2. Verify if html email is having CSS  inline many email clients don’t support external CSS
  3. Check if full paths to images are used, not relative paths. Image size should be optimized for faster loading of emails. It is recommended that images should have alt text.
  4. To get the maximum response from an email, it has to make it into recipient’s inbox and can be hampered if there is spam triggering keywords. Use tool like  isnotspam , GlockApps, retainly, etc; to weed out any such keywords.
  5. Check for plain text email version, some email clients may it be web or app doesn’t support HTML and It is always a best practice to have plain text emails version.
  6. Check for pre text which appears on some of the clients 
Pre text on Apple email client


Compatibility testing:

Compatibility testing is a part of non-functional testing performed to check if the emails get rendered correctly on clients on different devices.

  1. Select email clients and devices:
    It’s irrelevant to check all possible devices unless that’s your requirement so make the list of devices you want your email to be tested on, the best place is to dig Google analytic for information.
  2. Select a tool:
    At times checking email manually on the various devices is time-consuming, using online tool is recommended to maker your testing faster. Tools like Litmus and Email on acid (recommended) can get your testing done within few clicks. If you are a small organization I would suggest stick to manual process and check on major devices.

How did you perform email testing and what difficulties do you faced? Let us know with your comments below 



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  1. Email testing is a tedious and time consuming task. Covering all the devices that exist in the world is difficult to cover, therefore, it is very important to make a list of devices which you want to test or ask the client what devices they wish to cover.
    Nice tips Milton on email template testing.

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