Test Scenarios for login form

Before starting to write test cases it’s recommended that you always request for specifications or business documents to understand the system. If the client is unable to provide you the documents, start with exploring application or module you are writing the test case for. Mostly login form has 3 standarded fields Username or Email, Password and Submit button, following details…

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steps to reproduce

Why steps to reproduce are necessary in the bug report

This week I reported a bug by following a proper bug reporting format with the title, steps, expected result, etc. here were my steps to reproduce the bug. 1) Visit: example.com/somepage/ 2) Click on some button 3) Observer that error is shown Developer: How did you get to this URL? I’m not able to reproduce it! Me: do so and…

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email testing

HTML email template testing Tips

Email testing was a myth, as most of the emails were just plain text. Now marketing and branding has taken center stage and many projects I’m working on spend a lot of research and energy on how they should be building email content for their users. To increase email delivery email testing has become vital part of testing on every project.…

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Winning is achieving

Isn’t winning fun? Yes! But that’s not the point. There are few things which we need to understand about winning and achieving : Wanting to win is the point. Not giving up is the point. Never letting up is the point. Never being satisfied with what you’ve done is the point. We win and we should be proud of it…

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How to report bug efficiently & effectively

The challenging task for a software tester is not only to find the bug but to investigate thoroughly and also report it effectively. For any bug fix to make it to production requires a very efficient and effective bug report which provide detail info about the bug and environment it is occurring, so it’s easy for other team members to…

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  Introducing reading is never easy when it comes to teams, you will find resistance from every team member for very valid reason such as boring, I can’t relate to this topic etc; nowadays personalisation algorithms has been recommending stuff as per our needs and taste so my team must have been expecting me to provide tailored reading content for…

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Recently one of a project I’m working has changed from PHP to react technology, as usual with my team I created a test plan  and created test scenarios we are going to cover for this change but ignored sharing buttons as I was aware that react framework is completely different from PHP assumed that nothing drastic might have changed in…

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I was an advocate of perfection wanted everything to be perfect and as team lead on the QA team in the SJ Innovation LLC along with ex- colleague (Lavina Faria) one fine day we decide entire QA team should be doing automation, how difficult would it be? Learn any language, practice and implement on our project and we are done!! The first part seemed pretty simple learning…

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One of the best motivational factors for experienced or a fresh QA Analyst is to have a simple event organized for them. It need not be an event but other activities like Hackathon, Meetups, and Conference etc. Sometimes we judge a person by its experience but sometimes it proves you to be wrong. A person is judged by his/her talent…

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